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Moving From A 457 Visa To A 189 Permanent Residency? 3 Tricks For Migrants To Prepare Smartly For The IELTS English Exam

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If you're employed in Australia on a 457 work permit and want to apply for a subclass 189 permanent residency, your job should be on the skilled occupations list to be eligible for this points-based skilled visa. Before securing the visa, you need to complete an International English Language Testing System exam (popularly known as IELTS) if you hail from a non-English speaking country, which is counted towards the minimum requisite 60 points for this visa application. Follow these tricks to prepare smartly for the IELTS English exam.

Know What Score Will Give You Maximum Points

Your IELTS score will contribute towards your application for Australian permanent residency, so you must be aware of the maximum points you can attain. If you get a score of 7 in each of the testing components, you will be asserted as proficient in English. If you get a score of 8 in each of the components tested, you will be asserted as superior in English. If you are assessed as proficient in English, you will receive 10 points towards your migration application. If you are assessed as superior, you will receive 20 points, making your visa application significantly easier. 

Consider A Couple Of IELTS-Focussed Tutoring Sessions

Even if you are well spoken in English, the IELTS exam can present significant challenges because of its long-drawn nature covering testing components like speaking, writing, listening and reading. An experienced IELTS tutor will help you through each process and will provide feedback to help you improve your responses. This feedback typically covers factors like eloquence, rationality, articulation and language, so that you can tweak your responses in a manner that is better suited to IELTS requirements. Your migration agent can help direct you to IELTS-focussed tutors who can help you in your quest to get a proficient or superior testing for your visa application.

Join A Book Reading Or Debate Club

If English is not your strong point, you'll want to do everything possible to improve it before your IELTS exam to score a proficiency or superior grade. A good idea would be to join a debate or book reading club in Australia where people are constantly engaging in English conversation about a myriad of issues related to books and current affairs. These clubs will give you an immense opportunity to enhance your reading, listening and speaking skills in English. Your improved English fluency can make a big difference to your final IELTS score.

Follow these tricks in your quest to prepare smartly for the English IELTS exam. Your migration agent will be able to point you to different clubs and tutors to help you enhance your English skills.