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Does Your Company Need to Use an Employment Agency?

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Not all companies may need to use an employment agency; if you're a small business with just one or two employees, you may be able to manage the hiring and firing in your company easily. However, it's a mistake to think that your company doesn't need an employment agency just because of its size or because you've managed the hiring and firing yourself so far. There are many advantages to using an employment agency; note when it's good for your company to consider contracting out the hiring and firing you need to have done, and why this can be beneficial.

Your employees need special licensing or certifications

There are many employees who may need special licensing or certifications, from forklift drivers to those who handle hazardous materials to those who work in a beauty salon. Trying to keep up with the regulations for those licenses and certifications can be a challenge, as regulations can change often. Your criteria for hiring someone a few years ago may not be sufficient when you hire someone this year. To protect your company from liability claims and ensure your workers are always licensed properly, use an employment agency in these cases.

You have high employee turnover

Many companies will lose an employee or two every year and this may not be considered a high turnover, but when you seem to be always losing employees or if your industry simply means that employees are at a higher risk for not showing up for work, you might want to consult with an employment agency. Warehouses, construction, and other such companies and industries often have high employee turnover, and an employment agency may have workers who are ready to fill in or get hired very quickly, ensuring that your workflow doesn't slow down.

You never seem to have qualified personnel

If you manage your own hiring of personnel but never seem to have people qualified on your staff, it may be that you're not qualified to do the hiring yourself! You may not know what to look for on a person's resume or how to read past empty words and phrases that sound important but which don't reflect real qualifications. You may also not be skilled at interviewing prospects for the job so you know what to look for when it comes to their personality, work ethic, past experience, and the like. An employment agency can better manage your hiring so you always have properly qualified personnel on staff.