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Why Attention to Detail Is Crucial During a Building Permit Process

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In order for society to function correctly, everyone has to rely on regulation. These regulations can sometimes be quite complex or even onerous, but they must be adhered to in order to avoid any unwanted issues. This is particularly important when it comes to construction and especially due to the overcrowded nature of the typical Australian city. If you intend to build a complicated structure as part of an ongoing project, why do you need to focus on regulation and ensure that all of your paperwork is in order?

First Things First

You may be putting a great deal of effort into this new project and spending a lot of money on its construction, but before you get too carried away, you do need to ensure that you get the appropriate building permit. To do so, you will need to follow a specific process and satisfy the regulators that your project is both safe and in conformity. Due to the complex nature of your work, you should think about employing a consultant to help you.

Cautionary Tale

In the worst-case scenario, you may be told to dismantle your finished building if issues are found upon completion. This situation should never arise, of course, but it does point to the importance of the building permit process.

Permit Stages

You may need to apply for multiple permits, each one related to a specific part of the project. You may have to wait longer for some permits to be approved, so you will need to allow sufficient time for any complications.

Permit applications need to be lodged with all accompanying documents, drawings and projections. Typically, a fee will be attached, and you need to ensure that your application has been duly noted through receipt of an official permit certificate.

Certificate on Display

Usually, your building permit certificate will need to be displayed at the worksite in a protected location and accessible to inspectors when they visit. These inspectors will review the quality of the ongoing work and may, if necessary, recommend changes. Any such alterations may be added to the permit certificate on display to update the position.

Perils of Inattention

Remember, even if you were able to complete your work without a building permit you may invariably run into problems in the future. If you were to put the building up for sale, then issues may be uncovered and you might have to undo the work and start again with an appropriate permit.

Helping Hand

Consider hiring a consulting firm to help with your project — this will help to ensure that you sail through the permit process and never run into problems in the future.