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Problems On The Homefront? How To Tell When You Need A Structural Engineer

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If you don't own a high-rise building, you might not think that you need the services of a structural engineer. However, that's not the case. You might not realise this, but structural engineers can provide services for residential homeowners, as well. In fact, there are a variety of reasons why you, as a homeowner, would have the need for a structural engineer. Read the information provided below. If you recognize any of the issues described here, it's time to hire a structural engineer. Your home might have structural issues that need to be addressed. 

You've Noticed Structural Settling

When your home was built, the construction process began with a solid foundation. Most homeowners assume that the foundation will remain solid for the life of the home. But, that's not always the case. In fact, the foundation can actually settle over time, leading to structural problems. Unfortunately, settling can actually undermine the structural integrity of the home. Luckily, settling does cause visible signs of damage. Some of those signs include roof gaps, wall cracks, and mortar loss. If you notice any of those signs, it's time to contact a structural engineer. 

Your Property has Drainage Issues

If your property doesn't have sufficient drainage, you need to worry about structural damage. You might not realise this, but poor drainage can cause serious damage to your home. This is especially true if water is draining into your home or under the foundation. If you're not sure about the drainage, pay close attention to the flow of water. If you notice that water flows towards your home, take a closer look. If you see water stains in your basement, or on the walls of your home, hire a structural engineer. The poor drainage may be destroying your home from the ground up. 

Your Balconies Have Visible Damage

If you have balconies or exterior stairways in your home, it's time for an inspection. Structural deterioration is often detectable in those areas. This is especially true where the base and railings are concerned. Two sure signs of structural damage include decaying concrete and rusted metal railings. If the concrete on your balconies show signs of decay or the metal railing is loose or rusted, you need to consult with a structural engineer as soon as possible. 

You've Identified Foundation Problems 

Finally, if you've noticed issues with your flooring, there's a good chance that your home has some foundation problems. If that's the case, now's the time to hire a structural engineer. Foundation problems can lead to a loss of structural integrity for your home. Some signs of foundation damage include unexplained carpet wetness, unusual curling or warping of your wood floors, or the presence of mould odours in your home. If you experience any of these signs, you need to have a structural engineer inspect your home right away.